iPads for
Lion Hearts

weFix has teamed up with the wonderful folks at iPads For Lion Hearts who help by providing iPads for autistic children. They then see to it that these iPads are loaded with apps which cater perfectly to the unique needs of these children.

If you have a used or broken iPad that you would like to donate, weFix will fix it for free and give it to iPads For Lionhearts.Thank you kindly.

You can read more about them HERE

Caring Close
to Home

The awesome people who work at weFix are part of our success. From the founding members of management to our newly-appointed receptionist, we always try to help, and this is what sets us apart.

We have launched an initiative to give the children of some of the weFix staff the education all kids deserve. The donations received by the iCare Project have enabled Nicci and Mihle, the children of members of our cleaning staff, to attend a school with good facilities and aftercare services.

Mihle and Nicci have just passed their second term at their new schools.

What might seem like a small project to some can make a massive difference to these kids, and we are proud to be involved.

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